The History Of Region Five

      Region Five was granted recognition on June 26, 1965 at the national meeting of the U.S. Section held in New York City. One of the first regions to be founded in the United States, Region Five originally encompassed both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. However, due to the length of Long Island and the distance between points East and West, the Region split at the 10th anniversary dinner. Region Five remained Nassau County, and Suffolk County became Region 15. To this day, there remains a strong tie between the two regions.

     Nassau County is located on Long Island, approximately 20 miles East of New York City. In spite of it's proximity to the city, Nassau County remains quite a different environment from city life. It is approximately one third the size of Suffolk, with as many residents. It has a rich aviation history and is known widely for it's many miles of beautiful beaches.

     Most of the nearly 500 members of Region Five are members of the Nassau County Police Department, one of the largest suburban departments in the country. However, we have members from many other law enforcement agencies, including the many local village departments, state police, and federal agencies.

     Membership is open to all active and retired full-time law enforcement officers who either work or reside within the county of Nassau. Membership applications are always available, as well as a list of upcoming international, national, and local regional events.

     The board of officers of Nassau County Region Five welcomes you to our website. We hope you enjoy your cybervisit and hope you will check back frequently to browse our list of upcoming events which you will find posted on the Region Five Bulletin Board. Please contact the webmaster for any questions you may have regarding our website, or any upcoming activities.


Above: Tom Murray: One of the founding fathers of IPA Region Five and the only Region Five President to become National President of the United States Section.

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